• A wide variety of fresh vegetables
    from local farms and other seasonal favorites.

  • Choice Amish cheeses, jams, meats and vegetables, local farm butter,
    candy, and other snacks, beef jerky, pastries, and MORE!

  • Grab a sandwich and some cold beer, wine or liquor
    from Sambuca’s Country Market.

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Beer, Wine and Mixers

Carry out beer, wine and liquor

Stop by before you wind down and pick up your favorite choice of cold beer from our wide selection of imports and domestic beers. Excellent selection of choice wines conveniently available.

Bird Seed

wild bird food

Sommer’s Wild Bird Foods, a division of Town & Country Co-Op, packages a complete product line of wild bird and wild life feeds. Available all year! Stop by and see our wide variety of bird feed, and deer feed too!

Fry Pies

Fresh filling from scratch, No preservatives, family owned central Ohio company

Delivered fresh twice a week

Fried Pies

Flavors: (some seasonal flavors)

Apple* Apple with cream cheese* black raspberry* black raspberry with cream cheese* blackberry* blackberry with cream cheese* blueberry* blueberry with cream cheese* buckeye* cherry* cherry with cream cheese* chocolate* chocolate with cream cheese* elderberry* elderberry with cream cheese* grape* grape with cream cheese* lemon* lemon with cream cheese* peach* peach with cream cheese* pineapple* pumpkin* raisin* raisin with cream cheese* red raspberry* red raspberry with cream cheese* strawberry* strawberry with cream cheese* strawberry Rhubarb